Our goal at Marriage Matters is to help you dramatically improve the condition of your relationships, whatever they are. With extensive experience in the process of relating, our coaches help you customize solutions and skills that meet both you and your partner’s relationship needs.

We observe from the sidelines of your relationship and show you ways to improve your responses and remove the obstacles that keep you from creating the relationship you want. Our approach is to understand the dynamics of your relationship and, in collaboration with you, create new solutions and teach new skills that can be practiced in your marriage. We hold you accountable for the results you get, oppose your ineffective patterns, and continue to encourage each of you to higher and higher levels of relating.

The role of a coach is really multi-faceted. Some of the most obvious parts of these:

1. Motivator- When you’re not quite sure you can take it any longer, we’re there to reassure, encourage, and urge you on to a better relationship.
2. Visionary- We have a solid vision of what makes healthy, long-term relationships. Our processes enable you and your spouse to connect or reconnect to a vision that lifts you to entirely new levels of relating.
3. Counselor- We see the mind as the greatest tool to an effective relationship, but it is also the greatest impediment. Our job is to help you understand your basic needs and conquer your ineffective thinking.
4. Conditioning Expert- Most things are easier once you’re conditioned to deal with it. We train you and drill you to handle even the most difficult relationship issues.
5. Communications Expert- We help you design new communication approaches to use in your relationship. We also evaluate the success of your current strategies and give you added tools to meet the needs of your relationship.
6. Provider of Support-We stand by your side as you surface issues and concerns that are usually at the core of the problem. We help you gain confidence as you go through this process of lifting your relationship to a new level.
7. Source of accountability- We call you on your excuses and hold you accountable to change, thereby decreasing promises of change that never come to fruition.